Target is planning to spend approximately $1 billion dollars to update their digital and brick-and-mortar operations this year.  This will go towards enhancing the in-store experience with the customer's usage of their smartphones aided by Target's beacons and Bluetooth technology.

Their smartphone app called Target will include Cartwheel. It will guide them through the Target store towards items that have promotional prices.  Think of this as GPS for deals.  The customer while using the app will be able to see themselves on a store map as they move about products that are being promoted.  Mike McNamara, the company's CIO touts that it will not only save the shopper money but also help them find the items they need faster.

You can expect this feature to be live at 50% of stores just in time for the holiday shopping season.  For more about beacons and Bluetooth retail technology check out our page. It includes beacons, loyalty and mobile wallets, and social wifi networks.